How To Deal With Most Spinal Injury Costs

Every year,about 12,500 individuals in the US suffer spinal cord injuries. The injuries range from mild to extreme with most causes being car crashes,violence,slip-and-fall,and sports accidents. The good news is that a good number of the patients are able to recover from the injuries,though it takes some time. The problem is that there are so many hidden costs involved.

Here are some ways of dealing with the costs of a spinal injury,as explained by personal injury attorney :

1. Post-Discharge Treatment Costs

It’s advisable to go through an extended physical therapy after you are discharged from the hospital. The therapy is usually expensive and the cost varies depending on the recovery process. You can sign up for a therapy scholarship in most workout facilities. You can also consider crowdfunding so as to raise the needed funds.

2. Adaptive Equipment Costs

It starts with buying a customized wheelchair to move you around. A modern folding option costs about $1,500. You may also consider a standing frame which costs roughly $2,700. You can apply for a Medicaid Program.

3. Fertility Treatment Costs

This is common with men and can cost at least $800 if you consider a specialized vibrator or $12,000 if you opt for IVF. Most clinics have flexible payment plans for fertility treatment and you are allowed to use your health insurance cover.

4. Home Modification Costs

It’s not cheap to design a home that is easily accessed by a wheelchair. You have to modify the washroom,the kitchen,and other rooms. If you can’t afford the cost of remodeling the kitchen,just purchase a standalone wheelchair reachable shower which costs $300. As for the kitchen,buy a hot plate to use anywhere. If you are a veteran,you can apply for a home modification loan.

Looking at the above ideas,dealing with the costs of a spinal injury is not hard. With the tips and a supportive family,you’ll be able to meet the costs and overcome the setbacks. If your spine injury was caused by the negligence of another,hire a hurt in a car crash to seek financial compensation.