Reasons For Car Tire Blowouts

As noted by top personal injury attorney ,there could be several reasons why a car’s tire blows out. A majority of these are due to bad roads. For instance,potholes and crumbling road conditions may cause damage. However,it’s not always the road’s fault. At times,issues intrinsic to the tire could be the culprit. For example,cuts in tires may cause the air inside the tubes to exit the tube/tire rapidly. Smaller punctures within the wheel could also help the air to escape.

A tire may also blow out when the car is overloaded with passengers and/or luggage. These problems may arise anytime on the road. Therefore,it’s crucial to check the tire’s tread and pressure before taking the car out or moving at high speeds. Also,when you’re driving,steer clear of foreign objects and debris on the road as they could cause a blowout.

Avoiding Tire Woes

As aforementioned,it’s vital to adopt preventive measures to mitigate potential tire problems. Usually,this means checking pressure and closely inspecting the tire’s exterior. Make sure the speed at which the car is moving doesn’t decrease significantly when a flat tire problem arises. The car should continue to move at similar (if not same) speeds and slow down only gradually.

To mitigate the chances of drifting or sliding into another lane,you must counter-steer whenever a tire blowout happens. This would offset the impact of the blown-out tire. Once the vehicle is stabilized,the car must be slowed down gradually and pulled over to the roadside. This would prevent other vehicles from banging into your vehicle from the rear,or there would at least not be a traffic jam scenario.

Expert Witness

Since comprehending tire defects and related concerns is not very simple,an expert witness must be retained to clearly explain how the accident happened and how it impacted things. When defective tires cause a car crash,an expert witness’ account would help claim compensation for the damages suffered. Work with a get help with a car accident claim for the best results.

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