Tips for Closing the Sale

Closing a sale will separate the average businessperson from the extraordinary businessperson. Below, we share strategies for closing the next major sale.

Make them laugh and make eye contact

Closing is not about luck. Too many folks think selling is a numbers game, based on how many individuals you reach. At best, that is a mistake. At worst, it’s a lie. Closing success is something you can control.

First, you should always make eye contact. Much of the global population today does not make sufficient eye contact to encourage trust. See what the owner ofFive Channels recommends.

Next, use humor to alleviate pressure. Everyone likes a good story. If your story contains humor, they’ll relax.

Know your customer, never assume, be prepared, and push limits

Selling is not merely making the deal. It is developing long-term relationships. If you are offering a product or service that makes your client feel highly valued and special, here are proven strategies to close the sale quicker:

  • Know everything about the decision maker(s). Know their background, dislikes, and likes.
  • Never assume how a decision is going to be made. Decision-making trees may change any time for any reason.
  • Push the limits. If you remain in your comfort zone, you will stagnate. Adopt an “owners mentality” or take on new responsibilities.
  • Prepare for the decision to go either way. You should anticipate every roadblock, objection, or hurdle.

Showcase your service or product using a webinar

In the webinar, spotlight the problem and demonstrate how your product is the best solution. Show how your product stands out above your competitors.

Allow people to ask questions in real time, then answer them.

Understand that no two people are alike

You must tailor your pitch for whoever you are talking to.To build trust, figure out how to relate to those you are talking to and care for them, as well as their business.

Without these three things, you will not have the ability to close, irrespective of how good the pitch is.

Make the prospect appear like a rock star

Developing a trusting relationship is the key to successful selling. Your aim ought to be to make the prospect appear like a rock star. Closers will target the proper prospects, rapidly build trusting relationships, and concentrate on delivering success for all clients.

Make a promise, and outline the process

State a proof-associated track record with a promise.

If you are a nutritionist, your script might look something like:

“Mrs. Johnson, 100% of my last 47 clients lost a minimum of 19 lbs. in the first 6 months.”

Next, inform the client that you have a certain process they should follow. You might say:

“As we start using our 4-phase optimization approach, you will witness results within the initial 3 days. Let’s walk through it.”

Become excited about what you’re selling

  • Energy will help you sell. If you are not excited about your product, why should your customer be excited?
  • Integrity and honesty create rapport and build trust.
  • If you have any follow-up answers to give, offer them as promised.

Lastly, active listening permits you to hear the interest level of your customer and understand what any hesitation in purchasing may be. If you can hear this hesitation, you can address it.

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